Hyperspectral Imaging…there’s more to see.

Stream has developed a spectral lens assembly, which is designed to turn existing cameras into snapshot hyperspectral cameras, by simply attaching the lens assembly. Your off-the-shelf camera now captures the scene in 10 images - simultaneously, with each image in a different spectral band. The spectral data cube is built as fast as your camera can capture frames.

Stream can custom build a lens assembly for any 10 spectral bands and accommodate various sized sensor arrays.

STREAM Technology Inc. ColorFlow Lens - designed for a variety of C-mount cameras, with customizable spectral channels.
For all custom spectral lens assembly needs contact Stream directly here.

Stream is proud to announce it has been selected as a finalist for the SPIE Prism Awards 2016 – Category of Imaging and Cameras.

Working together...

If you...

  • have experience in spectroscopy
  • are an existing camera manufacturer
  • build or service microscopes
  • have developed spectral algorithms
  • manufacture a scanning based spectral imaging device
  • ...let's talk.